lyft app redesign

mobile, 2015

I was a lead designer on Lyft’s hot new app. We redesigned the entire ride experience, from requesting through pickup.

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light tables

web design, 2011

I designed and coded a flickr web app that lets you dynamically explore any flickr user’s public photos in an expansive grid. Click and drag to pan around the page.

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diabetes connect

web app and product network concept, RISD industrial design thesis 2010


For my thesis project, I designed a powerful diabetes management tool for both patients and doctors. By combining existing products with accessible technologies, the system allows users to easily manage, automate, and share real-time medical records.

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Many thanks to endocrinologist Robert Smith and diabetes educator Sharon Hansen for their mentorship

Current digital logging solutions all require manual user input, or a physical connection in order to download readings. By incorporating bluetooth technology into devices like blood glucose meters and insulin pumps, Diabetes Connect can automatically send information to a user’s profile.

The system is simple: a user checks their blood or doses insulin. Their medical device then sends this information, via bluetooth, to the user’s phone. If the phone also has internet access, the data is automatically logged to the web app. Otherwise, a text message containing the data is created and sent to the web app through the cell network.

Information stored in a user’s chart can, with permission, be connected to multiple platforms. The web app can automatically refill prescriptions based on the number of test strips or insulin units tracked. An emergency system (much like Lifeline) can be informed if a blood glucose reading falls above or below preset safety thresholds.

Healthcare providers can be granted access to the app’s charts and records, and even use it as a vital learning tool during office visits.

The application is cross-platform, so users can check their charts wherever they are. This enables independence for kids, and peace-of-mind for their parents, who can view their data remotely.

Looking beyond the treatment of diabetes, the system could expand to include any medical device that regularly collects data.

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web design, 2010

A mixtape for the album art lover. Designed and coded from scratch to please the eyes as well as the ears, this site also performs beautifully on iPad and iPhone.

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t b w

web design and photography, 2010

A fresh take on the presentation of a photography series. Turn up your speakers, explore with your mouse, and experience an intermingling of sight and sound.

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risd 2ndlife

web design, 2009

Website design and coding for RISD’s 2nd Life recycling center. Most images can be expanded and dragged around when clicked, and the site implements various animations using javascript and CSS.

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energy interchange

landscape architecture, RISD innovation studio 2009


This installation makes use of urban voids and promotes the beauty of renewable energy. Additionally, it serves as a compelling argument for tighter integration of clean power generation into urban fabric and daily life.

in collaboration with Miriam Zisook (RISD ID ‘10)

The I-95/195 interchange is a driver’s first impression of Providence, Rhode Island. Highway interchanges like these create huge, unattractive gaps in the urban landscape that are not usable by the communities around them.

The I-95/195 interchange is a driver’s first impression of Providence, Rhode Island. Highway interchanges like these create huge, unattractive gaps in the urban landscape that are not usable by the communities around them.

Vertical axis wind turbines open up exciting new opportunities for urban wind harvesting, because, unlike horizontal axis turbines, they increase efficiency when placed close together, much like schools of fish.

New research suggests vastly increased efficiency when these kinds of turbines are coupled to share air currents. In order to maximize this effect, we structured the plotting of turbines into long rows across the site.

The whisper-quiet turbines form a moving canopy overhead, and photo-luminescent paint gives them a soft glow by night.

The whisper-quiet turbines form a moving canopy overhead, and photo-luminescent paint gives them a soft glow by night.

An electric car charging station adjacent to the site could provide up to 100,000 miles per day of driving. Thousands of highway interchanges throughout the U.S. can be improved and made useful with similar installations.

References: Google Maps. / “Wind turbines take lesson from schools of fish.” ITWire. William Atkins, Web. 29 Jan. 2010. / Thomas, Robert N. Coupled vortex vertical axis wind turbine. Patent 6784566. 31 Aug. 2004. / “Charging electric vehicles” Better Place: The global provider of electric vehicle services.

social intercourse

service design, RISD design studio 2008


A service using social objects to enrich interaction at gatherings.

in collaboration with Adrian Waibel (RISD ID Exchange ‘08)

Users purchase an RFID reader and a tag, which they attach to an object of their choosing.

They can then personalize their new ‘buddy’ by syncing it to rich media content (music, photos, tweets, etc.) using a web application.

If a user is hosting an event, they can buy a special RFID reader ‘stage.’ Each time a buddy is added to the stage, its media is loaded into an online version of the event, which can be displayed on a computer screen, or projected for maximum effect. Songs are added to the event’s music playlist. Photos are added to a slideshow, and links & quotes are also displayed.

This multimedia experience can enhance the event atmosphere, and act as a dynamic conversation piece, both for digital content as well as the physical objects users have chosen.

The prototype for the project was constructed with real RFID tags and readers, and the software was coded in Flash.

Users are encouraged to swap buddies at events, and to continue the dialogue by adding media and attending more events. As part of the online social network, a ‘buddy history’ feature could further extend online media sharing.

all-in-one insulin pump

product design, RISD CAD studio 2008


I designed a product for diabetics that combines multiple components into one device.

This wireless insulin pump controller design integrates a blood testing kit, eliminating the need to carry separate devices. Instead of juggling four separate components, users need only one. The device serves as the interface for dosing insulin, checking blood, and storing test strips.

I constructed the design in SolidWorks, which allowed for thinking about the structure of internal components. The lancing device is protected by the scrollpad, which functions as a cap. Users simply remove this part to prick their finger, then rotate the device around to take blood from the test strip at the opposite end.

pyramid play

product design, RISD metalworking studio 2008


A modular, interactive sculpture created from bent and spot-welded tin. Perfect for the office desk or coffee table.